Saturday, January 27, 2007


Salaam-e-Ishq - The name makes you feel that the movie must be superb.. But the reality is the total opposite.. It has been one of the worst movies I have ever seen.. I would have infact got up and left the theatre.. But I wanted to utilize the 110 Rupees that I had paid to see that stupid movie.. So myself and my friends were started amking fun of the movie... Atleast that made a good timepass for us..

As it was directed from Nikhil Advani - the previous film of his which I saw was "Kal ho na ho" - I had expected a gem. Even after seeing in the news paper that "the stars shine is a mediocre film", I went to see it. If "Kal ho na ho" can be rated as positive infinity.. "Salaam-e-Ishq" can be rated as negative infinity..

The six stories start boring you as soon as the film starts.. I guess Nikhil wanted to just pass on time by making a movie.. he has wasted his time and also our time.. Infact time of some thousands of people.. And what about the money spent on the movie? The huge amount of money spent for shooting in London, with all those localites wearing same custom stiched Indian dresses for just few steps in a song.. If only th emoney could have been used for better purporses - for the poor and the needy. I dont say that every producer must do so.. But instead of making such a useless film, it would have better to donate waay the money..

Only the songs are appreciable.. Otherwise its sheer bullshit.. Dont even see if anybody sponsers your ticket.. You can see Priyanka in other films too(If that was your excuse to see the film)..


"Ya rabba.. Yeh movie kyon banaya.."

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