Thursday, May 03, 2007

Google Blogger at Big Bazaar

Surprisingly, Google had come to Big bazaar and Gallops to promote blogging.. The pic shows a cool Toyota Innova painted with "Google".. They were packing up when I took this pic.. Google Blogger in Ahmedabad is really surprising and exciting...

Indian Railways advanced to the "Mobile age"

Indian railways seems to take care of the passengers and their mobile phones.. They have installed mobile phone chargers even in the Sleeper (SL) compartments.. They also have helpful pockets to hold on your mobile when they are getting charged.. These may also be used to power up your laptop.. And if you have an internet connection from any of the Reliance or Tata Indicom.. Then u r connected almost all through the journey..

The Art of "Pocha"

Hers is a new way to mop the large floors. I had seen this at a marriage hall in Indore. Cool and innovative way.. and handy too.. The rope mops the floor perfectly... Although you will not like it if you want a hard mop...