Sunday, January 28, 2007

Convoy ....

I got down at Gota, 4Km from my University to catch a connecting Chagada. I saw four police men at the crossroads which is usually jam packed with vehicles.. They were holding the traffic from all sides... Asking the vehicles not to cross the road.. and neither were they allowing people to cross.. Infact.. They had asked 3-4 people who had crossed halfway to go back to the other side..

Then one of the police guy at the centre of the crossroad said "Let them go..".. The one at the side said.. "Pagal ho gaya hai kya? Sir ka call aaya tha.. Woh aa hi rahe hai.." (Are you mad? Sir had called up to say that they are on the way).. And then a minute later.. you can hear the sounds of the police.. I thought it was the CM going back home.. But then what followed was a series of 10 - 12 Ambassador cars with police jeeps in between.. then two ambulances blaring the siren.. Then a mini fire fighter vehicle.. And then a jeep..

After that, I asked the police guy.. whose convoy was it anyway.. It said.. "Whose convoy?.. Its the Vice President.."

Hmm.. So much for him.. Otherwise you will never find even one police guy at Gota.. You will not be able to cross the road for 10 minutes at peak time..

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