Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Different OSes on a single PC


Today I went to a friend's home to install the free Solaris 10.1 that sun has allowed to download. I installed it on my laptop.. but it didnt have the required display driver for my new laptop.. My graphics card is NVidia 6150.. We had to do some "Partition Magic" on his system as solaris installs only on a primary partition and not logical partition.. Finally we could install it.. Cool..

I love installing operating systems on a a PC.. I have Windows installed on my laptop.. But I have tried Suse Linux and solaris too... And the case of my friend's is different.. he has got 3 linuxes installed and Win Xp and Win 2000 too.. He has now deleted Win 2000 and is installing Solaris instead.. I just love it..

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Friends ...

Again on Friends.. Met a school friend of mine today.. and a college friend of mine.. Superb experiences.. I was on the verge of tears when my college friend was leaving.. He wants to go abroad for studies.. I our "Golden group of four".. Already one is out of India.. the second wants to go.. And third may be going after his placements.. Sab door ja rahe hai.. Gud in some ways.. Bad in some ways.. But life needs to move on.. And it will move on.. what ever may happen..

Meeting the school friend was cool.. talked a lot.. on a lot of issues.. updated each other's life stories.. it was cool.. and then I bought a diary for 2007.. Need it to plan a lot..


Today was the all mighty CAT exam.. I didnt give it. Never even tried to give.. But my friends gave it.. It seems it was easy this time.. except for the English section.. Maths was damn easy... And the number of questions also went down.. - 75.. Cool.. seems there will be more close competition this time.. I went to the H.L. College of commerce to see my friend after his CAT.. there were these AajTak people.. ready with their transmission equipment and reporters.. with cameras and their tripods.. It was really cool.. May be CAT was made easy to accommodate more people in the seats that have been added into IIMs from this year on.. Lets see what happens...

Friday, November 17, 2006

India ...

India.. The very name.. makes you feel good. What ever may be the cons associated with it.. The pros outweigh the cons.. Although it has a lot of corruption (rated very high on corruption by some International surveys..).. It still has got a lot more good people.. he continuous fight between the good people and the corrupted has led to miserable lives of the middle people..

I strongly believe that India will become a super power in the near future.. I mean next 10-20 years... And I believe its the youth of India who are going to make this change.. I have seen the some youngsters talking the other ways too.. But there are also people who want to make a change.. who want to improve India.. to better India.. And they will over ride the other junk of people.. India is going to be the hub for everything.. Its going to get its lost glory.. again.. to be on the top of this world..

So any guy/gal.. young/old... put a small effort to make India - and subsequently world - a better place to live in.. so the next generation gets a chance to live a better and peaceful life to live in..

Every person has some basic needs.. Roti, Kapda, Makan.. (food, clothes and shelter).. As the world has progressed, we have moved on to include more things into our basic needs.. like communication.. But all those people in Mercs and chartered flights and BMWs etc.. They can easily cut down their luxuries and donate the rest to the poor.. I am not asking them to donate everything ans come on to the roads - but one can forgo some luxuries.. A car is used to travel.. and u can say to some extent.. travel comfortably.. So u can but a mid sized car.. say an Optra.. adn it would be fine.. Why a Merc?? For the brand?? So you are pouring out money for some name uhh?? rather why cant be put to a good use.. why cant the difference in the price of Merc and Optra (say around 15 - 17 Lakh rupees).. be donated to some NGO.. I would prefer GiveIndia.. (www.giveindia.org)..

The basic need to travel in a car is satisfied by both Optra and a Merc.. so why not opt for the Optra and help some other people?? This might be socialist view.. But its a socialist society in a democratic society.. People getting the "Basics of their luxuries" and then leave the rest to the other not so privileged people.. This would create an almost uniform society.. And an almost equal opportunity for others to grow..

Everybody needs to be a philanthropist.. So that the value you create is uniformly distributed over the humanity and the whole of humanity advances as a whole.. If this would have been followed by the great British (I take their example as they controlled a large part of the world some time before).. The world would have been a better place to live.. including Africa and Asia.. They had a great opportunity to mold the world.. But they could not utilize it effective.. Thats why I say.. at least for India.. If India needs to progress in a much better way.. It will need a dictator.. A "good" dictator.. One who knows would follow the path of righteousness and force the others to follow the same.. Nobody except the bad people would object him.. and to take a stern action against the bad is also right. So the evil needs to eliminated.. and the res left out is good.. Then we have a better place to live in..

Thats too long a blog for me.. Do not know whether anybody any time will read this... But anybody reading this.. I would like to know your comments.. This is not impossible.. but may it is time taking.. think abt it..


Friends.. they are so good people on earth.. Next to or equal to parents.. Even though they are far away.. they provide you comfort.. like parents.. and its so wonderful to talk to them.. It just brightens your day.. And they know everything about you.. They read your mind.. And know what you will do next.. and will respond accordingly..

Friends.. I love my friends.. And would never trade off anything for them.. When far.. or when near.. They are my weakness.. they are my strength..


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Second Post


Couldnt resist to post another blog.. (remember I said I will see u tmrw in the last blog ?).. Just had some wonderful inspiring conversation.. Just thought about it.. Ha Ha.. The Roller coaster ride is going to be much more fun.. Much more interesting and intriguing.. I love it.. It going to make me evolve into a much better individual.. and make me active.. I hate it... Its going to take away some sleep from my life..
Hey Janta,

This is my first blog.. Dont know what to write.. I created my account a long time ago.. But didnt find it interesting to blog.. But today seeing a friend's blog.. felt like writing a blog.. So will try to do this consistently.. and share my views and my iota of knowledge with the internet community..

Cya tmrw..