Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wireless Radio Head phones

All must have heard of headphones with Radio.. One of my collegue got one.. And here is Sunil Bhayya using it to the utmost.. :).. Using it for the toughest job of Bachelor life..


Here is a cool photo of a different use of an electric Fan.. I found it in our campus.. The fan was used to cool an electric connection of high capacity in this hot summer of Ahmedabad.. The bulb above is.. I guess.. used to keep a check on the connection.. This arrangement was made for a "Lunch" party.. Cool stuff...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Youtube videos on my Blog not working??!!

I heard that people are not able to view the youtube videos on my blog. I heard it from myself as no one has told me so.. ;).. There should be someone to read this blog of mine to say something like that.. :D.. I will find the alternative links and post them soon..

And I posted this blog after a long time.. I didnt want to blog.. But this orionslash has scrapped me saying that I have a good blog and that I should post regularly.. So atleast a start again.. I hope I will not require any more starts now and I keep blogging from now on..