Friday, February 02, 2007

Bigbazaar ... Badbazaar...

I had gone to BigBazar two days ago to get a couple of biscuit packets. I had been the queue of billing for the longest time ever. I had just three things with me. So I moved to the counter which bills "Less than 10 items" counter. But the guy there was utter slow in his work. Also there were people who would come from behind - I guess people who know him personally. They would get priority and get their items billed first when we all were waiting in the long queue. One guy from the queue shouted at the counter guy to work fast. And then came the shift change. Does it need to be done at that time only (It was around 5:30PM)?? When the number of customers waiting for billing are at the peak?

The old guy leaves - taking all the change and logging off the system. Then the new guy comes in. He logs in and then puts on the change he has been given into the cash box. Then he starts out slowly. It took me at least 20 minutes to get 3 items billed.

And I do not know what the manager of the store was doing? I guess he is least bothered as to how the customers feel. Pantaloons has not been able to set this right even after being in business for the past couple of years (Or I guess more?).

And the quality of goods at BigBazaar?? They are bad.. You can go to shop only branded or FMCG goods - the ones which are packed and which have an MRP on them. On all other things, BigBazaar loots the public. All are usually low quality items. So at the price they sell you feel you are getting a good deal. But after you use them, you will get to know that they are not even worth may be half the price.

I had to got to BigBazaar as it is the only consumer goods shop close to me - near ISKCON temple.

But the next time, I will try to avoid it as much as possible.. You also try it out..

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