Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Different OSes on a single PC


Today I went to a friend's home to install the free Solaris 10.1 that sun has allowed to download. I installed it on my laptop.. but it didnt have the required display driver for my new laptop.. My graphics card is NVidia 6150.. We had to do some "Partition Magic" on his system as solaris installs only on a primary partition and not logical partition.. Finally we could install it.. Cool..

I love installing operating systems on a a PC.. I have Windows installed on my laptop.. But I have tried Suse Linux and solaris too... And the case of my friend's is different.. he has got 3 linuxes installed and Win Xp and Win 2000 too.. He has now deleted Win 2000 and is installing Solaris instead.. I just love it..

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